SonicWALL Scrutinizer

Dell™ SonicWALL™ Scrutinizer is a multi-vendor, flow-based application traffic analytics, visualization and reporting tool to measure and troubleshoot network performance and utilization while increasing productivity for enterprises and service providers. Scrutinizer supports a wide range of routers, switches, firewalls, and data-flow reporting protocols, providing unparalleled insight into application traffic analysis from IPFIX/NetFlow data exported by Dell SonicWALL firewalls, as well as support for a wide range of routers, switches, firewalls, and data-flow reporting protocols. IT administrators in charge of high throughput networks can deploy Scrutinizer as a virtual appliance for high performance environments.

Real Time Network Utilization & Bandwidth Monitoring.

Dell SonicWALL Scrutinizer enables organizations to achieve uniquely granular, flexible and powerful insight into network and application traffic, and it’s compatible with Dell SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewall and third party product exports of IPFIX data. Scrutinizer is also useful for reducing troubleshooting time for network performance issues. In addition, Scrutinizer users, especially service providers, can take advantage of Scrutinizer to proactively monitor Quality of Service (QoS) and generate invoicing data and Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics reports.

Eliminating wasteful network usage.

Dell SonicWALL Scrutinizer increases employee productivity using application traffic analytics to eliminate wasteful network usage while enhancing network optimization. Scrutinizer gives administrators immediate insight into network application traffic and user activity reporting (web surfing, VPN usage, VoIP traffic, and application usage) across Dell SonicWALL security appliances, in addition to virtually all third-party routers and switches. At the same time, you obtain greater security awareness by watching for and alerting on suspicious or potentially hazardous network events.

Granular analytics and reporting.

Shorten root-cause analysis with granular analytics and reporting. Scrutinizer provides easy visualization of network traffic, VPN traffic, VoIP traffic, top hosts, protocols, ports, applications, traffic and conversations across all network realms and devices. Flexible analysis options can display trend data in bits, bytes, packets or percent of total bandwidth consumed. Scrutinizer offers support for both IPFIX and Flexible NetFlow for fully customizable report templates, and can save all flow records indefinitely.

Network topology and flow path insight.

Quickly pinpoint the source of jitter, packet loss, latency, or a misconfigured network by lighting up the end-to-end path (including asymmetrical connection paths) of a flow across a multi-vendor network topology with Flow Hopper (patent pending)

Easier troubleshooting.  

Speed troubleshooting of capacity bottlenecks, latency, jigger, Active Timeout, top conversations, top host flows, host volume, pair volume, MAC addresses, VLANs, and domains by leveraging IPFIX and other flow based protocols for deeper insight. Track latency and round-trip time (RTT) in flexible increments with the Flowalyzer NetFlow and sFlow Tool Kit™.

Powerful visualization tools.

Intuitive visualization tools list top interfaces across all routers, switches and firewalls to display real time or archived application traffic data using interactive charts, tables and Google® Maps, with an innovative matrix view to show flow fields, and network topology maps showing relevant flow data.

Enhanced forensics capabilities.

Simplify forensic analysis through enhanced detection capabilities and alerts. Scrutinizer captures unauthorized applications, malicious traffic, known-compromised Internet hosts, Flow Sequence Number violations, DNS cache poisoning, rogue IP addresses, DHCP and mail servers, port scanning, excessive multicast traffic, HTTP hijacking and DDOS attacks.

High-performance traffic analysis with our virtual appliance.

Analyze traffic in high throughput environments by deploying Scrutinizer as a virtual appliance, which is capable of receiving over 40,000 flows-per-second for hundreds of flow exporting devices, and easily accommodate high-performance requirements. In addition, the virtual appliance also eases migration and reduces deployment costs by allowing administrators to move a snapshot of a virtual environment to new physical server infrastructure. By running multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer, virtual appliances reduce associated capital expenditures, administrative overhead and power consumption.

Detailed NetFlow and IPFIX analysis.

Administrators can gain more granular, detailed NetFlow and IPFIX analysis using Dell SonicWALL Application Traffic Analysis, a unique application flow analytics solution that combines Dell SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewall and Dell SonicWALL Scrutinizer. The firewall transmits IPFIX data in real-time to the traffic analyzer collector application, where the administrator can examine usage data by application or user, look at data over different time periods and much more. While some firewall vendors do support NetFlow or IPFIX, only Dell SonicWALL offers this level of application traffic detail.

Third-party support.

Receive greater return on your technology investment through deep and broad compatibility with third-party systems that may already be embedded in your infrastructure, thereby extending long-term value. Scrutinizer supports third-party routers and switches, and is compatible with products of cross-industry vendors, thus providing you with the increased value and the flexibility of an all-in-one tool to monitor network utilization and visualize application traffic flows across your entire network. Scrutinizer offers enhanced support for many third party vendors, including Cisco®, Citrix®, NetScaler®, Riverbed®, and Enterasys®.

Customizable alerting.

Administrators can set alerts based upon interface utilization, unfinished flows, nefarious activities, and degraded voice and video to display how many other alarms the host has violated. Scrutinizer alerting can also facilitate various automatic remediation options.

Flexible administration.

Ease administration with flexible, customizable dashboards per login, group-based and per login permissions to access flows for specific router, switch, and firewall interfaces. MSPs can easily modify style sheets to match branding. Create summary reports on Dell SonicWALL and third party devices and view them directly on your dashboard.