Secure Mobile Access

Remote Worker Enablement - Made Easy

Today, work is increasingly done by remote teams, whose members work collectively from home, coffee shops, airports, hotels or remote offices distributed across the globe. Project collaboration can involve external stakeholders, such as thirdparty contractors or partners. These remote teams often use non-IT-managed devices or personal laptops, smartphones and tablets to upload files.

When security controls impede productivity, employees start using their personal accounts on public cloud services such as Gmail or Dropbox to share files. This takes the control over data away from the IT as it leaves the corporate network.

SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA) is an advanced access security gateway that offers secure access to network and cloud resources from any device. SMA provides centralized, granular, policy-based enforcement of remote and mobile access to any corporate resource delivered using a hardened Linux based appliance. Available as hardened physical appliances or powerful virtual appliances, SMA fits seamlessly into any existing IT infrastructure.