It’s simple really, we have real world, long standing experience, with the products that we sell.  With over 17 years in the security and network market we have tried and tested the best – and the worst products! Needless to say we stick with the best!  We know how these products work in data centres, home network and corporate environments.  We have tested them with all the services running and none - we know their real throughputs! - How We Differ
Our experience has been built out of our passion for being customer focused and finding the RIGHT product for you. Internet security and networking is not a nice add on, it is a necessity, and deciding which solution or vendor is best for you can be tricky in such a specialised area.  With our guidance we can help you get the right solution for you for the budget you have.  It doesn't matter if you need a solution that will work in a data centre or one that will work on a broadband line, either way we have it covered. We are truly passionate about getting the right fit.

Networking, including the switching, VLANs and routing can add layers of complexity to your requirements, along with the increasing burden of providing wireless access not just only for staff but visitors across your infrastructure.  We offer a range of services that compliment your purchase, including onsite and offsite consultancy to get things just right.

So is it all hype? Well just give us a call and test our knowledge, its free and you will realise we know what we are talking about !

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